Olives grappa

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Frantoio Cazzetta- Infusione di grappa e olive Frantoio Cazzetta- Infusione di grappa e olive

The ancient recipe was invented by the monks of the Basilian Order and it is considered as being unique and unequalled for its full-bodied flavor. The recipe was discovered on some sheets of land- written parchment, found by accident in a very old underground olive oil mill dating back to the XVIII century.

The manuscript makes reference to an elixir made from olives experimented with considerable success and produced by monks... a secret which was maintained for a chosen few over the centuries, has now become a delicious grappa liquor for the delight of the most refined connoisseur.

Origin of the grappa:

mixed grape pomace Grappa from the Trentino Region.

Origin of the olives employed:

Cellina di Nardò and Ogliarola Salentina

Production process:

infusion of olives in grappa, with the addition of sugar

Conserving process:

No conservants are used because the alcohol level of the product and protects it from any microbiological aggression
Recommended: an excellent digestive liquor to finish a meal, this grappa can be served to replace any other bitter digestive or grappa, but s also appreciated served alone when it surprises for its unusually fresh and rich aroma

Alcoholic contents:

40% Vol.

Glass bottle from 0,50 lt---- 06 pieces/box

Additional Info

  • Tipologia: olives grappa
  • Denominazione: Olives elisir
  • Vitigno: grappa and olives
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