Pasta and chickpeas

"Ciceri e tria" is the more usual name for this ancient Leccese dish.




300 g dried chickpeas, soaked overnight
2 cloves garlic
1 stick celery
2 bay leaves
500 g "OO" flour
Water as required
200 cl extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper

Cook the chickpeas in salted water (the salt helps the skin to stay attached) with the garlic, celery and bay leaves (which aid digestion of the chickpeas) for about an hour or until done. Periodically remove the scum while cooking.
In the meantime, make the pasta using the flour and water but no eggs. Roll out the pasta, leave to dry fro 30 minutes and then cut into small, short rectangular strips. Fry a part of pasta in the oil and boil the rest briefly so that it is slightly undercooked. Sauté the fried pasta, the boiled and the chickpeas very quickly in a frying pan. Serve immediately with freshly ground black pepper.

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